Presenting the SADIM process on Intro to Permaculture Course.

“The process of using permaculture design tools and processes to create working designs for a
client or project”

Demonstrating Design Skills is one of the essential criteria for a successful Diploma. The assessment of whether you meet this criteria is based on whether you have gone through an intentional design process, using the theory and methods of permaculture design a number of times.

The Diploma normally requires that you have at least ten designs in your portfolio by the time you are ready to accredit. These designs are generated by the different projects and activities you get involved in.

The ten designs I am submitting for consideration in my portfolio are:

  1. My Action Learning Pathway
  2. Al-Karamah Scout Camp
  3. London Permaculture Flickr
  4. x
  5. x
  6. x
  8. x
  9. x
  10. x

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