Work Applications

At the Margaret McMillan Nursery School Forest Garden

“The process of applying permaculture within a given situation to create new systems and

Applying Permaculture to your work and projects is one of the essential criteria for a successful Diploma. The assessment of whether you meet this criteria and is based on whether you can demonstrate how you have used permaculture theory and practice over a period of at least two years since your Permaculture Design Course, in at least one of a set of specified areas.
  •  A key area of my work in permaculture has been 'Art, Media, Culture and Communications'
This is described in the Diploma Guidebook as "creating or operating publications or audio-visual and mixed media aids to communication and education in the permaculture community. Written, creative, artistic or cultural work that develops the public's understanding of permaculture.'

Evidence supporting this is found under Dissemination

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