Monday, 24 September 2012

Zone 0 Mapping with Floorplanner

I wanted to use our place as part of a design exercise on a session on retrofitting, which pushed me into creating some plans of the house at last. These are rough and ready and not totally to scale - this is more of a field map. I'm creating a fake estate agents document, so I wanted something that looks like it came from such a source.

I made these floor plans using the free ("Basic") version of Floorplanner ( which seems to offer an immediacy that SketchUp didn't. At some point I should probably get to grips with SketchUp, but it doesn't seem particularly pressing at the moment.

The floorplans were exported as jpegs (the free version of Floorplanner only allows low res exports) and edited using Photoshop (although a  freeware image editor like Gimp would've worked just as well).

I've been trying to get it to do the garden too, but the export options in the basic version restrict the size too much to be useful:
 You can do slightly better be exporting the plan as an A3 pdf, then cropping out the image as below:

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