Thursday, 16 January 2014


The remains of two Austrian soldiers found on the Presena Glacier in 2012. Photo: Office for Archaeological Finds, Autonomous Province of Trento

Soldiers thaw on the edge of theatre
Anniversaries of war pealing the bell of the mountain
Some fallen infantryman feels his lashes defrost
And opens his eyes on a new Europe
Ice melt drip drips on his helmet
Bringing telegraphed orders from coal fired generals
But he cant get the nuance -
Is it advance or retreat?
Strange night thoughts have sustained him
Through these nights in the freezer
Oneiric conversations through ice cracks
With a buck-skinned hunter carrying all his possessions
In a bag of hide
Become absent by my leave
He whispered
Walk away with me into the valley
To the forest and the meadow

To a world made of stone

Thanks to Keith for highlighting this.

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