Thursday, 11 September 2014


Tune into Shoreditch Radio this Sunday at 8 for my debut hosting the 21st Century Permaculture radio show: a conversation with writer, walker and activist Adam Weymouth about rewilding.

Adam has been walking in Scotland having conversations with various folk about the proposed reintroduction of wolves and we talk about the human ecology behind the feral dream.

You can read Adam's work at his website and follow him on twitter @adamweymouth

During our conversation we mention:

Feral: Searching for enchantment on the frontiers of rewilding (2013) by George Monbiot

Of Wolves and Men (1979) by Barry Lopez

The video How Wolves Change Rivers about the Yellowstone Wolves

The Centre for Human Ecology

If you happen to miss the broadcast, you can listen afterwards at your leisure by going to

I'm standing in for regular host Stef this week, in my next show I'll be speaking to geographer Dr Gerry Taylor Aiken.

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