Sunday, 8 December 2013

Action Learning Tutorial

I find that when I'm thinking about the Diploma it can all get a bit tangled up in my head. One of the yields of having an 'Action Learning Tutorial' is getting one's disorganised thoughts presented back to you in a form that seems to make more sense.

At the 2013 National Diploma Gathering, I had a chance to sit down with my Diploma Tutor Graham Burnett and another apprentice Ben Lambert and have a tutorial. We used the classic '4 questions' model. Here's Graham's write up:

James Taylor Permaculture Diploma Support Tutorial 29/11/2013
Held at Castleton, Derbyshire at National Diploma Gathering (with Ben Lambert)
What is going well with my Permaculture Diploma journey?
• Plenty of designs
• I feel I have a good understanding of of what I am doing and what is expected of me
• Feel good to be supported by Graham again after a long hiatus
• Feel excited about the diploma
What are my barriers to accrediting at this time?
• Prioritising which designs to include as the 10 required for the portfolio
• Barriers around how to write these up
• Overcommitment – taking on too much?
• Started in 2006 – why rush now? What are my 'rewards' for procrastinating? 
Goals re Diploma Accreditation
• This time next year? Sooner? Maybe June 2013? Stack into PDC? Perhaps too ambitious?
Next Steps
• Portfolio assessment Feb 15 2014 most likely at James' place (TBC)
• Designs to be sent to Graham by Jan 7th 2014
Other points
• “I need a 'taskmaster' to set me clear goals and dates”
• Discussed 'informal' relationship with Graham - 'boundaries' between 'work' and 'friendship' modes recognising and acknowledging these.
• Overview of design portfolio and activity
• Questions re. Which 'system' James is registered with, logistics of payment
• Agreed previous tutorial with Graham to be considered 'informal' as was for benefit of both parties
to come up to speed with the new system
So I've got a set of actions to follow up on:
  • Choose which 10 of my designs to accredit with
  • Pick an accreditation date
  • Confirm location for portfolio assessment
  • Get 5 designs written up for Jan 7th 2014
  •  Confirm with PA office which system I'm registered on/where I'm at with payments

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