Saturday, 28 December 2013

Permaculture Association Trusteeship

I was elected as a Trustee of the Permaculture Association at the 2013 AGM held on November 9th in Leeds.

This was the statement I supplied in support of my candidacy:

In 2004 I was on the dole and reading books when I first encountered the peak oil concept. I thought it must be wrong, so I looked for evidence to disprove it, failed and the bottom fell out of my world.
Searching for a positive way forward that wasn’t in denial I discovered permaculture and it’s been a big part of my life since.

During the week I work at the British Film Institute, other times I’m a published author, an independent scholar, a Diploma student, a permaculture teacher and more.
I’ve done a lot of education and got a bunch of certificates to prove it. I’m passionate about permaculture. I see it as a critical discipline in addressing mounting global crises, designing solutions and building a better world.

The Association has a vital role in sharing and disseminating the knowledge and practice of permaculture in the UK. I want to help that happen.

As a Trustee I’d like to help the Association increase its reach and leverage communications to extend its impact.

I would like to contribute my research expertise, teaching experience and ability to generate and critically review ideas to assist the board in facilitating the Association’s aims.

I have attended part of two Trustee meetings prior to my election. My first meeting as a Trustee will be the BoT (Board of Trustees) meeting to be held in London on January 25th/26th, which I'll report back on here.

I see being a representative of the Permaculture Association membership as an important part of my role as a Trustee. I am keen to hear any thoughts about the Association's work, and I hope that by doing so I might increase the routes by which members can communicate their interests and concerns to the Association. Trustees can increase the edge of an organisation allowing more contact with the membership than the staff alone can provide.

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