Thursday, 17 November 2011

London Permaculture Flickr Site

The  London Permaculture Flickr Site is one of my major engagements with permaculture. I have used it as a tool of record, communication and dissemination of permaculture and I have used permaculture theory and practice in its development and maintenance.

I consider this to be work in 'Art, Media, Culture and Communications', one of the areas in which the Diploma essential criteria presents as suitable for a demonstrable application of permaculture in work and projects. The Diploma Guidelines describe 'Art, Media, Culture and Communications' as:

"Creating or operating publications or audio-visual and mixed media aids to communication and education in the permaculture community. Written, creative, artistic or cultural work that develops the public's understanding of permaculture."

History of the London Permaculture Flickr Site

On 12th March 2007 I set up a free account on the photo sharing website Flickr, my aim in doing so was to share photos I had taken of of permaculture activity around London during and subsequent to my PDC in Autumn 2006.

It seemed to me that there was actually a lot going on but it was largely invisible to those outside the groups engaged in that activity. I thought that making visible this activity might do much to increase the interest in, and the acceptance of, permaculture approaches and manifestations.

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