Monday, 14 November 2011

Permaculture Designer’s CV

Experience and Skills:

MSc Human Ecology (Centre for Human Ecology/University of Strathclyde, 2009)
Permaculture Design Course (Naturewise 2006 - taught by Graham Burnett & Mark Warner)
Permaculture Design Course (Permaculture Institute of Jordan 2010 - taught by Geoff Lawton)
Regenerative Agriculture, Advanced Design Course (RegenAG 2011 - taught by Darren Doherty)
Certificate in Project Management (APM, 2010)

I have also studied Forest Gardening with Martin Crawford, Sustainable Woodland Management with Ben Law, Green Building with Adrian Leaman of Wholewoods, Living Roofs and Ecosystem Services with RESET (taught by Dusty Gedge, John Little and Gary Grant) and completed the Permaculture Training of Teachers Course run by Designed Visions.

I have taught Permaculture with Naturewise and Spiralseed, I founded and run the London Permaculture Flickr site, and I'm an admin of the London Permaculture Ning and Founding Secretary of the London Permaculture Network. I regularly volunteer at the Naturewise Forest Garden and at the Meadow Orchard Project where I'm a member of the Management Committee.

By day I'm also a curator of archival film and video and the co-editor of the book 'Shadows of Progress' (Palgrave MacMillan, 2010). This has been my recent work life:

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