Thursday, 17 November 2011

Technical Tutorials

As part of the Diploma, alongside your design skills, you are required to develop appropriate 'technical skills'.

The PDC is really only the beginning of one's education in permaculture design and in all the useful skills that can support better design.

Below are links to more information on the technical tutorials I have chosen to do as part of my diploma pathway and ongoing permaculture education:

Wild Craft course Aug '11

Woodcrafty April 2011

Training for Transition March 2011

Natural Navigation Feb 2011

Sustainable Woodland Management Course

PDC Jordan Oct/Nov 2010

Scything Workshop Sept '10

Wine Making - Oct '09

Training of Trainers - Sept '09

Forest Gardening - May '09

Grow Mushrooms - Dec '07

Herb Walk/Talk - Sept '07

Compost Bin Workshop - Apr '07

Rocket Stove Workshop - Mar '07

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